Five Things to Know about Hurricane Season if You’re New to Florida

Are you looking forward to your big move from Florida? We are glad that you are here. Many people across the country saw the changes over the last year as the motivation to move to Florida. The Sunshine State is not always a happy place.

The hurricane season is more than just about the storms. Your chances of getting a direct hit are very low. However, severe weather can still occur during hurricane season. The best way for you to enjoy the Sunshine State in this difficult season is to be prepared. If you are new to Florida, here are five things to know about hurricane season.

1. Not only hurricanes to be worried about.

Floridians should be ready to face the first named storms early in hurricane season. If we are fortunate, they will pass us by. Even if a tropical storm or hurricane passes us by, severe weather can still occur. Because of the motion of a hurricane or tropical storm, tornadoes can be a serious concern. Strong winds can lead to trees and debris falling. In some cases, heavy rains can lead to flooding.

Severe storms form quickly in Florida during Hurricane Season

You can breathe a sigh relief if a hurricane is not forecast to directly affect Florida. However, keep an eye out for weather updates to be alerted about severe weather that may occur.

2. In case of power loss, you will need to have food, water, and batteries.

There will be many news stories and resources that talk about the importance to have non-perishable food, and water. It is recommended to have three days’ worth of food and water. Because of the possibility of power outages, this is recommended. Even though a storm is not expected to directly impact our area, power lines can be damaged by trees and limbs. Another type of damage can cause a loss in power.

You can loose power during severe storms, not just hurricanes

So you can have more options when shopping for non-perishable food, it is a good idea to shop early. To keep your food fresh, it’s a smart idea to invest in storage containers. Many Floridians are familiar with the importance of June 1st each year. They go through all their storage containers and refresh any that are becoming obsolete. You can then go through your food and have fun with it before Hurricane Season ends, which is November 30th.

3. You will need to be familiar with the potential flooding in your home so that you can decide if you require sand bags.

You probably read a lot of information when you bought your house. You can take some time to learn about the potential flooding in your area. Flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that your home is protected as best as you can. You should research the distribution locations and times of sandbags in your area or county if flooding is likely. You can also make your own sandbags. For valuables, you’ll need to purchase waterproof storage containers. You should plan ahead to determine the best places for valuables storage in the event of flooding.

Ask your neighbors about their experiences. This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, especially if you are new to the area. You can learn from them what happened in the neighborhood during previous Hurricane Seasons to get an idea of how you should prepare.

4. Learn about alternative routes in your locality and neighborhood.

If you’re new to the area, spend some time getting to know other routes. When a major storm passes, you can drive on the roads but be aware that trees and other debris may make it difficult. Keep in mind how you can get around. It doesn’t matter if you have to go somewhere familiar or a new place, you will feel less stressed if you know how to get there.

Trees and other large debris can block roadways that you normally travel on a day to day basis

5. Make sure that your roof is strong enough to withstand severe storms.

Before the storms arrive, double-check your roof’s structural integrity. A good roof will make you feel secure and protected. We’ll come by to take a good look and truly inspect the status of your roof. Even the smallest leak can lead to major damage during hurricane season. One severe storm can cause costly damage.

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