How to open a shop on a low budget

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Have you always had the dream to open your own shop, but do you not have the money to rent or buy a good location? Luckily there are cheaper options to sell you fantastic products. This is what you can do.

Open an online shop

If you do not have the money to open a physical store, you can start with an online shop. With a budget under $ 100.- you can already start a good secured online shop. Maybe you have no idea how to get started. You can ask the hosting company to help you out. Or, if you have money to spend about $ 30.- per month, you can open a complete online shop. The only thing you will have to do is to place the pictures and texts of your products.

Buy a tuk tuk

If you sell food, ice-creams, drinks or small gifts, you can think of buying a tuk tuk. This is not much more than a scooter, but it has a big container on the back side. You can open the doors of the container and place crates or bins inside and voilá, you store has appeared. Check out the regulations of the area you want to sell your goodies, they might differ in every other area. You probably need permits, but once everything has been handled properly, you are good to go. A new career path is right in front of you.

Buy a used shipping container

One thing you probably haven’t thought of yet, is buying a used shipping container. Again, check the regulations of your home town to see if you are allowed to, and how and where to place the used shipping container. Sometimes you are allowed to place such a shipping container in your backyard. In that case you could open your store right at home. Would not that be convenient? You could keep an eye on your kids or pets, if necessary. The costs of a used shipping container is between $ 2000.- and $ 3000.- depending on the size you choose. Luckily there are many used shipping containers for sale. You could check out the website of Eveon Containers. The reason they started selling used shipping containers is mainly to minimize the impact on the environment. All containers will be inspected and repaired if necessary. They are all watertight and have an ISO certificate.