How to Use the Right Air Cooler and Maintenance Tips

Air coolers are air conditioners that are more expensive than fans, but cheaper than air conditioners. If the air conditioner uses Freon as “power” to cool the room, the water cooler uses “fuel” in the form of water to cool the room. In Indonesia, the popularity of the air cooler is still inferior to the air conditioner and fan. If you want to find out more about how to use the correct air cooler along with maintenance tips, consider the following explanation from me. If you want to buy the Best Air Cooler at an affordable price and with good quality, you can buy it at Vankool


How to use the air cooler as a fan

Air cooler has two functions, namely as a fan or as an air conditioner such as an air conditioner. These two functions have different ways of operating. Well, so that you are not confused, here’s how to use the air cooler as a fan:

  • Connect the air cooler to the electrical connection if your air cooler uses electric power, not using batteries. Press the Power (On / Off) button on your air cooler.
  • Adjust the speed of the air cooler fan with the button “Speed” or “Fan Speed.”
  • Also, we can determine the direction of the wind by pressing the “Swing” or “Wind Direction.”
  • “Timer” button to determine when your air cooler will automatically turn off and the “Mode” or “Option” button to determine the fan mode selected.

If you do not fill the water tank and press the “Cooling” or “Cooler” button, the air cooler will operate as a normal fan. Even so, the air exhaled by the air cooler with fan mode is cool enough.


How to use the air cooler as a room cooler

When someone buys an air cooler, of course, he wants an air conditioner that is the same as an air conditioner. This time, it will guide how to use the air cooler as the same air conditioner as the air conditioner.

But beforehand, make sure you have frozen the ice pack given when you buy an air cooler. Ice packs must be frozen to optimize the performance of the air cooler. If you have ice packs in the refrigerator or freezer, follow the steps on how to use the air cooler below:

Make sure the water cooler is off. First, unplug the air cooler (if you are using an air cooler that does not have a battery).

Open the drawer at the bottom of the water cooler because there is a water tank as fuel for the water cooler.

Fill the tank with clean water to the specified limit. Then put one ice pack into the water tank.

Reinsert the bottom drawer of the water cooler slowly so that the water inside does not spill. Connect the water cooler to the mains, press the power button (On / Off) and proceed by pressing the “Cooling” or “Cooling” button. Your water cooler will work blowing cold air like air conditioning. Without water and ice packs that have been frozen, the air cooler will only operate as a normal fan.

An ice pack is needed to make the air released from the air cooler to be as cool as an air conditioner. Check water availability every 4-5 hours. If the ice pack has melted and not frozen, replace it with a new ice pack that is still frozen. You need to know that certain brands of air coolers provide 3-4 ice packs when you buy a new unit. With the number of ice packs you have, you can continue to use the air cooler as an air conditioner for quite a long time.


Cause The Air Cooler Is Not Cold

Have you applied how to use the air cooler properly, but your air cooler doesn’t come out cold? That’s a sign you need to do a simple check on the air cooler. Several factors cause the water cooler not to cool, including:

  • inside of Dirty Air Cooler

One of the causes of the water cooler not being cold is the dirty inside. You need to clean the inside of the water cooler regularly. Clean the air cooler filter regularly so that there is no accumulation of dust that hinders the performance of the air cooler.

  • Wrong Placement

Placement of the air cooler turns out to play an important role to optimize the performance of the air cooler. If you want the air cooler to produce cool air, place it in a room with good air circulation. Placement of the air cooler in a closed room without air ventilation will only make the air released smells fishy and musty.

  • Water in the Exhausted Tank or Melt Ice Pack

When using an air cooler, you should check the inside of the water tank regularly. This is to ensure the tank still contains water and the ice pack is also frozen. If the ice pack has melted and the water in the tank runs out, the water cooler will function as a normal fan.


How to Clean the Air Cooler

In addition to discussing how to use an air cooler, I will provide guidelines for cleaning the air cooler. To clean the water cooler, you can do it yourself without the help of experts. Just follow the steps to clean the air cooler below:

  1. Unplug the air cooler from the wall socket.
  2. Open the back cover of the air cooler and remove the filter inside.
  3. Remove the water tank that is usually in the bottom drawer in the front or back of the air cooler.
  4. Provide a basin of clean water and pour a little detergent into the basin.
  5. Soak the filter and water tank in a basin of water and detergent solution.
  6. use a used toothbrush to scrub the water cooler filter.
  7. Rinse the filter and water with clean water until the detergent residue is gone.
  8. Dry the filter and water tank with good air circulation so that they dry faster.
  9. Reinstall the filter and water cooler tank in the original place.
  10. Try turning on the air cooler again and feel the difference of air coming out of the air cooler.
  11. The air from the cleaned water cooler tank will feel fresher.

The process of cleaning the air cooler was not as difficult as imagined. You can do the process of cleaning the air cooler without the help of others. Try to clean the water cooler at least once a month if you do use the water cooler frequently.

Sundries on how to use the right air cooler are certainly very helpful to people who have just bought an air cooler but are still confused about how to operate it.