Keeping Items Secure While in Storage

When you need to move belongings into a storage unit, you might think that it’s too small or that you won’t be able to arrange everything so that it doesn’t topple over while it’s inside the unit. With a few simple hacks, you can get all of your important belongings inside along with a few other items. Before stacking your boxes and moving furniture, make sure the boxes that you’re taking to the unit are secure and that they aren’t too heavy as this could cause them to get unbalanced and possibly fall onto other boxes.

Before you get started packing your boxes to take to any self storage facility mclean va see what they have to offer, consider making a list of the items that you’ll need. Some of the things to include on your list could be newspaper or cloths for wrapping breakable items, tape so that you can secure the boxes, and moving blankets for getting items from your home to your vehicle and then inside the unit. Gather the items that you already have for packing your belongings to take the unit so that you can better determine what you might need before purchasing supplies that you won’t use.

An inventory list can help you remember what you put in your storage unit in case you need to get something out before removing all of your belongings. You can also label your boxes clearly and with bright colors to make it easier to find what you’re looking for when you go to the unit. Consider making shorter lists that coordinate with each box so that you know which one to go to after finding the boxes that contain those items in the unit.

If you’re storing dressers or cabinets, then use the drawers and space inside the cabinets for additional storage. These spaces would be ideal for everything from clothes to books or items that you don’t want to be broken while they are in the unit. Remove the drawers to make it easier to move the dresser or cabinet to the unit, placing them back inside once everything is placed where you want it to go in the facility.

Keep items that could get damaged in the unit secure by covering them with a blanket. You can also put blankets between items that have hard surfaces to keep them from getting damaged as well. If you’re storing chairs, then stack them together with one seat on top of another. This will cut the storage space needed for the chairs by half so that you have room for other items in the unit. Heavy items should be put in smaller boxes so that they are easier to handle. However, if you’re packing blankets, pillows, and similar items, you can usually use a larger box for those. Heavy boxes should be placed on the floor or near the floor with lighter ones on top of those. This can create a balanced stack to prevent them from falling over while they are in the unit