Maintaining Your Land in Different environments

Even within a single community there are many different types of microenvironments which have different methodology for being maintained. Each type of microenvironment will utilize specific materials in order to properly maintain your landscape. Within this article I will discuss several ideas of landscape decorations as well as the protocols necessary for maintaining them.

Pacific Northwest

This environment is lush and full of rain. Since it tends to rain more often than not a base layer of porous material to facilitate drainage. A base layer of channeled rocks should be placed beneath the primary topsoil layer of your rock garden and will help prevent root rot and other moisture associated diseases. I would utilize a slope stabilization ewa beach hi technique by using hydroseed to keep your graded garden topsoil layer. Be sure to utilize a sand, or perlite mixture in order to help maintain drainage.

Pacific Southwest

This area hosts a chaparral environment. It is not a desert, but the area is inherently dry, and sunny. I prefer to include different styles of palms, perennials, and shorter bushy style of plants. Most gardens in this area are in a smaller compact plot of land making it easier to maintain your watering schedule. I suggest incorporating some sort of automated watering system, whether it be a recycled rain recuperator or an in ground sprinkler system.


This type of environment is such a difficult style of landscape to maintain without a lot of resources, You will continue along the lines of the chaparral landscape but to a greater extent. If the idea of fighting nature to maintain a lusher landscape deters you, you can always embrace the area and go all in on the desert design. You can utilize a sandscape design with other nonliving decorations. Remember when it comes to using sand you must be cautious and use a grain size that you not only find appealing but won’t get blown away. I personally like pebble sized grains, however if you prefer your land to have a greater texture you may want to consider a smaller grain. Make sure you utilize an array of C4 plants such as cacti. Personally, I like the dichotomy of adding a bit of driftwood and river rock as well.


In this environment the biggest hurdle you need to overcome is in sustaining your landscape through the winter. If you are like me, you generally will be a fan of a beautiful green lawn as well as a plethora of perennials framed with your evergreens and conifers. Because of such a high use of salt in areas like these during the Winter you really must remember to aerate your lawn every year as well as lay down a good base of fertilizer. Perennials are great because they will return each year where you planted them all you will need to do is keep up with the weeding. As long as you follow these basic guidelines it should be no problem maintaining your landscape.