Three Simple Ways to Protect Your Home

Residential buildings are usually at risk of burglary. In fact, home burglaries make up for 67.2% of all burglaries, according to recent FBI statistics. While you might believe installing a security system will cost too much and require you to severely modify your home, this is not the case. There are simple practices you can take to improve the security of your home without changing too much in it.

Inspect the Doors and Windows

The biggest points of entry in your home are the doors and windows. When they work properly, they control the individuals, air and sunlight that go in or out of your home. Inspect every window or door in the residence and look for holes, cracks or weak locks. Replace and repair as necessary, not only to secure the residence, but also to make the outside look better.

Install and Maintain Fences

While most homes depend on complex cameras and alarm systems to enhance security, sometimes all you need is a trusty fence. A fence will establish a physical boundary for your property. You can choose between a vinyl, chain link or wood fence kissimmee fl, among others. If you have one already, inspect it and perform maintenance as needed, as any damaged fence can compromise security.

Eliminate Hiding Areas

One security blind spot for most homeowners is hiding areas or spots throughout the house. These areas usually emerge when shrubbery is too long or is improperly spaced. Trimming this shrubbery will not only discourage intruders from using these areas to sneak in, but it is also an essential landscaping practice that will bring some order and structure to your home’s outdoor area. You should also purchase AR-15 magazines and other arms to bolster the security.

Improving your home security does not always have to be a complex or high-tech endeavor. Simple practices such as these serve as both home improvement and a security boost for your home.