Top Causes of Broken Windows

Broken windows can be a safety concern and lead to further damage to your home, due to drafts and water leaks. You can reduce your chances of having a broken window by addressing the most likely causes.


An errant line drive from a child’s baseball bat is one of the first things many people think of when it comes to accidents that could leave them needing glass replacement dallas tx. You can reduce your chances of this type of accident by ensuring any children playing near your windows are supervised and instructed how to play safely around windows. Falling objects is another common culprit. You can reduce these incidents by not placing easily knocked over household furnishings or lawn equipment near windows. Finally, passing cars and lawnmowers sometimes throw rocks that can break windows. Installing fencing can help with rocks from nearby streets and carefully inspecting your lawn and removing rocks can help with the mowers.


Hail and falling icicles can cause impact damage that sometimes breaks windows. Removing any icicles hanging from your roof can reduce the chances of this type of damage. Windstorms sometimes knock down limbs or trees, which can lead to broken windows. Removing dead limbs and rotting trees and keeping trees trimmed away from your house can help prevent windstorm damage.


The average lifespan of a new window is 15-20 years. Wooden frames expand and shrink with changing weather conditions, which puts pressure on the glass and leads to deterioration. Extreme temperatures can also deteriorate windows over time. Replacing older windows before they have a chance to break is probably the best way to avoid broken windows due to age.

Accidents, weather and deterioration can all lead to broken windows. However, if you take steps to prevent these common causes of broken windows, you can reduce the chances of experience a broken window.