Why You Need Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Almost everyone strives to have a beautiful looking lawn to make the exterior of their homes more appealing to people and their neighbors. But due to certain factors and conditions, lawns can suffer from a lack of proper attention.

Even when being watered faithfully, other problems such as weed invaders and hot heat can become a problem in our yards. If we want to have the best looking grass property that we can possibly get, it’s going to take more than just watering, mowing the lawn and praying for sunshine. In order for our grass to stay a pretty green and weed free, there are extra procedures to add to taking care of our yards.

Some people may think that adding extra care besides watering and mowing is unnecessary and also too expensive. The truth is there are ways we can take care of our yards that is cost-effective and show beneficial results at the same time. Here are tips on how to get the best-looking yard possible:


Using Lawn Aeration and Seeding

When people try to get their grass to be as green as possible, they usually think that all it needs is sunshine, water and a trim every once in awhile. But the truth is that this is an incomplete process because over the years, experts have found that grassroots need air to breathe. If the soil of the grass is too dense and packed, it can make it difficult for nutrients and water to reach the roots effectively. Fortunately, the process of lawn aeration and seeding helps create small openings in the soil so that air, water and nutrients can get into the roots. The aeration process then helps make healthy green grass easier to obtain because it makes it easier for grass to get what it needs to stay healthy. Aeration also makes it easier for people to work on their yards health. With proper aeration and seeding means less time watering and less time trying to get your grassroots healthy.


Is Using Aeration and Seeding Expensive?

Although lawn aeration it a necessary key step to keep a yard nice and healthy, many people are more concerned about the cost. Depending on how much lawn acreage a person has on their property, the cost does vary. The more grassland there is, the more money it will cost. If there is only a small yard that needs treatment, it can cost no more than $100. But if it is a large amount of grass that needs to be healthy, the cost can be $200 and up. Then there’s also a need for a core aerator machine in order to distribute the aeration fertilizer evenly and effectively , which can cost about $60 for the day. In total, people can expect to pay around $100 to $400, and these prices vary from how much grassland needs to be covered. Therefore the less grass there is , the cheaper it is to aerate, and vice versa for the more grassland a person has.

Aerating a yard is possibly one of the most effective things to do for grass that needs extra help and attention. This particular process literally breathes life into your grass and eventually helps it look more alive. Like with anything else, it will take time to see results of a healthier looking yard, but you can start to see benefits almost effortlessly. If getting stubborn grass to shine greener and brighter is a lot of headache and trouble, aeration and seeding can bring it to the level it needs to be. The grass will appreciate the efforts made to give it more room for air, nutrients and water.