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Get the Backyard of Your Dreams

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A backyard can be a great space for entertaining or relaxation. If you don’t have a backyard that draws you outside, consider doing a backyard makeover.

Add a Porch

A favorite aspect of a backyard space is the patio or deck. While a deck attaches to a house, a patio can be anywhere in the yard. Paver patios are becoming more and more popular due to the variety of paver options, and the long lifespan of pavers. Choose the location of your patio, select your pavers, and be sure to finish with a wet paver sealer. If you need a walkway to connect your patio to your home or want to create a garden path, you may want to plan this when you plan your patio or deck.

Design the Setting

Updating the landscaping can go a long way in completely changing the look and feel of a backyard. In addition to designing garden areas with annual and perennial plants, natural wood and stone create visual interest. A water feature such as a reflecting pool or fountain can bring more life and movement into your space. If outdoor entertaining is your aspiration, consider including play space such as a croquet lawn or boccie ball court.

Choose Furnishings

With the patio and landscaping underway, it is time to think about outdoor seating. An outdoor kitchen and table with chairs are great if you are hoping to create a space to eat open-air meals. If you plan to have an outdoor lounge space, you may prefer to focus on furniture that provides comfort. If you design a garden with a path running through it, there may be an ideal spot to put a bench, creating a private space.

The options to get the ideal backyard space for you are endless. Choose the way you would like to use your outdoor space and plan the features and furniture you need to achieve it.

Home Improvement

Get Your Yard Ready for Fall

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Summer is in full swing, but crisp and cool fall breezes will be here before you know it. While autumn brings great football, pumpkin spice and a new school year, it also involves falling leaves and a new level of yard maintenance. Check out these easy preparation tips to get your yard fall-ready in no time.

Clean Up

The end of summer is a perfect time to do a backyard deep-clean. Throw away any old tools, entertainment centers (i.e., rusty outdoor fireplaces or broken badminton sets) to keep your grass and patios areas as clear as possible. If you have outdoor furniture, consider tossing any worn pillows and cushions that won’t likely last until next year. Live in year-round warm weather? Easily transition your outdoor space into the new season with patio décor in warm fall hues.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Fall is easily marked by beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves dancing to the ground with a satisfying crunch. Prepare for this increased level of foliage today by bagging up summer sticks and weeds in your current space. Once the leaves fall, you won’t have to do extra cleanup from summer. Is your Ohio yard dominated by trees? Consider perfect cut tree service cincinnati to prepare for the season.


A final step you can take is to think about your daily and weekly yard maintenance must-dos when the change of season arrives. Will you rake the front porch daily, or weekly? What about mowing the lawn and trimming bushes? If you have children or a spouse, involve them in the planning process to make yard projects fun bonding experiences for all.

Any yard will benefit from a summer cleanup before the fall temperatures arrive! Embrace the current season while keeping your eyes set on the beauty of fall up ahead.…